Become A Master Plumber | 3 Steps To Making More As A Plumber

When people first start to look at plumbing as a profession, it doesn’t take long before they read something about a “master plumber”.  Naturally, at that point the want to know how to become a master plumber so that they are able to make more money and possible own their own plumbing business.

Before we proceed on to the steps required for becoming a master plumber, it is imperative that we know who exactly a master plumber is.  A master plumber is someone whose task is to repair various plumbing systems. He is a licensed professional possessing various plumbing skills and has put in a lot of effort to come up to this level. In other words, master plumbers have worked in the field for a number of years and have a lot of experience.

Keep in mind though, all plumbers initially start off their careers as an apprentice. With time, they gain knowledge and experience that ultimately helps them in working their way up to become a master plumber.  If you want to become one, then the following tips will guide you through the complete procedure. Let us have a look at them:

1. Start With an Apprenticeship

The first step is to get enrolled in a plumbing apprenticeship as early as when you are 18 years of age. At the same time what shouldn’t be forgotten is that a high school diploma is a must. For gaining an apprenticeship, you may either work under a licensed master plumber or connect with local plumbers union or simply join a small plumbing company.

During the apprenticeship, the trainees will be taught about various plumbing tools and machines. They will also be acquainted with processes like repairing, installing, maintaining of the components. Both the diploma as well as the certificate of apprenticeship will make you eligible for appearing in journeyman plumber examination.

2. Become a Journeyman Plumber

Once you come out with flying colors in the state issued journeyman plumber tests, you will become a licensed journeyman plumber However this is not the end as you have a long way to go in this career before you become a master plumber. After becoming a journeyman, you can begin to expand your experience which will help you get to the master plumber level.

Different states will have different criteria, and depending on that your next step will be to apply for master plumber. Generally, it takes 4 to 5 years for a journeyman plumber to be eligible for becoming a master plumber.

3. Pass the Exam to Become a Master Plumber

For turning into a master plumber, you will be required to take yet another test. The test usuallyBecome a Master Plumber with experience and passing an exam consists of an array of plumbing topics and deals with more advanced material than the journeyman plumber’s test. You must be well prepared for this. Make sure that you are aware of the local plumbing codes, as well as having enough knowledge about installing, maintaining, repairing and servicing of plumbing systems. This may seem like a major undertaking to pass the master plumber’s test, but keep in mind that you will gain a lot of knowledge and skills working as an apprentice and journeyman.

After successful passing of the examination, you will be considered a master plumber. You may then decide to either work for government entities, contractors, or may even opt for self employment.

Like with most any career you choose, more money comes with more experience.  And with that extra plumber salary comes more responsibility, and longer hours if you plan on running your own business.  Keep these aspects in mind when researching how to become a master plumber.  You have to start somewhere first, and that’s with an apprenticeship program.

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